Electric scooters are rapidly increasing in popularity as  a method of commuting and for professional transportation. With cheap fuel costs and near maintenance free, they are convenient and hassle free methods of getting about town.

E-world has partnered with RED Electric e-scooters.  RED E builds scooters that are 100% connected and immersed in technology. Technology that reinvents electric performance and unleashes your riding pleasure – without compromise

With the Model E, going electric is no longer the degraded version of a thermal vehicle, but a gain in performance and driving pleasure.


Model Pro 50

delivery scooter
2800 €
(Excl BTW)
  • Max speed: 45 km/h
  • batteries incuded: 1
  • Battery slots: 1
  • Autonomy: 60 km
  • Available colors: black matte & champagne

Model E 50

4 000 W motor
4150 €
(Excl BTW)
  • Max speed: 45 km/h
  • batteries incuded: 1
  • Battery slots: 4
  • Autonomy: 300 km
  • Available colors: black matte & champagne

Model E 100

6 000 W motor
5800 €
(Excl BTW)
  • Max speed: 80 km/h
  • batteries incuded: 2
  • Battery slots: 4
  • Autonomy: 220 km
  • Available colors: black matte & champagne

Model E 125

11 000 W motor
Coming soon
  • Max speed: 120 km/h
  • batteries incuded: 4
  • Battery slots: 4
  • Autonomy: 200 km
  • Available colors: black matte & carbon


In need of a great autonomy and in search of power? 

The RED Electric Range has something for everyone!


With the Model E, RED Electric has developped the first range of uncompromising electric scooters: machines immersed in technology, which combine power, autonomy and safety. 

45 km/h (model Pro 50 & E50)0%
80 km/h (model E100)0%
120 km/h (model E125)0%
Maximum power

11 000 W

Overall efficiency


Maximum speed

120 km/h

Maximum torque

560 NM

Acceleration from 1-50 km/h

3.4 sec

Maximum loaded weight

350 kg




The electric motor of the reference brand BOSCH ® is as powerful as it is silent. Its driving power is perfectly suited to your day and night deliveries. 


The Kers system connected to the BOSCH motor extends the life of the discs and brake pads of the RedE Pro delivery electric scooter. The electric scooter motor does not need any maintenance. So you can save a lot of money compared to a petrol two-wheeler. 


The BOSCH electric motor is non-polluting and complies with the euro5 standard. In fact, the RedE Pro electric scooter is eligible for the ecological bonus and certain regional subsidies.


Our LG brand lithium batteries offer the RedE Pro professional electric scooter a range of 60 km. They are removable, meaning you can, without tools and without technical skills, extract your discharged battery under the saddle and install a charged one in just 20 seconds. 

Our scooter battery for delivery performs up to 800 recharge cycles. How to recharge? All you need to do is plug your battery into a simple, traditional electrical outlet. The charge level indicator will show you the status of charging. 

Did you know ? We are the first in France to have installed removable batteries in our professional electric scooters that you can extract and put to charge on an ordinary socket.



To ensure operator safety, the RedE Pro is equipped with front and rear disc brake systems. 


The large 12-inch wheels of the RedE Pro are fitted with MICHELIN ® City Grip, the benchmark for anti-skid tires on all types of soil and wet surfaces (manhole cover, slab, tar, etc.). This gives the scooter unrivaled grip in all weather conditions and combines ease of handling, agility and stability on the road. 

  • 12 inch wheels
  • Front / rear disc brake system
  • MICHELIN City Grip tires
  • Anti-skidding on wet floors and surfaces


While it’s a great goal to be green, sometimes we’re also concerned about the costs of operating such a vehicle.  Let’s dig a little bit deeper to see how the cost of powering an electric scooter compares to other modes of transport.


As you can see on the graph to the right, an electric scooter has a slightly higher initial purchase price than a scooter with a combustion engine.


What we do see is that the more kilometers are driven with an electric scooter, the more gains we have from it.


Our Model Pro 50 can be equiped with a GPS tracking system.  This way you can follow up on your driver and plan your deliveries better.  GPS also adds another layer of security in case of theft.


Traffic and parking in city centers have become a real headache. This is why the delivery of merchandise, pizza and sushi is increasingly done by two-wheelers. 


To meet this demand, Engels has designed a range of delivery boxes for scooters and (electric) bicycles. The top box is made of LLDPE rotational molding polyethylene plastic or a glass fibre resin compound. 

Top case Medium

designed for delivery services
150 €
  • available colors: red or black
  • Brand: Engels
  • Content: 100L

Top case Large

designed for delivery services
190 €
  • Brand: Engels
  • available colors: red or black
  • Content: 120L

Top case Extra Large

designed for delivery services
350 €
  • Brand: Engels
  • available colors: white or black
  • Content: 209L

Top case lock

designed for delivery services
30 €
  • Brand: Engels
  • Lock for Top case
  • 2x key included


We offer a selection of top cases for professional electric scooters with volumes ranging from 100 L to 209 L.


The RedE 209 L delivery box is made from fiberglass, a material known to top box experts for its lightness and strength. 

We also offer a range of Engels brand boxes in volumes between 100 L and 120 L. 

Do you deliver hot or cold dishes to your home? Our 209 L top case can incorporate an isothermal coating on the inside for keeping your meals at the right temperature during an entire tour. Your merchandise is safe. In fact, the RedE delivery box can be locked using a key lock. 

  • Top case volumes: From 100 L to 209 L 
  • Customizable top case: logo, message, isothermal 
  • Security: locking with key lock 
  • Loading capacity: 30 kg